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One of my best childhood memories was browsing through our VHS tape collection for a movie to watch. We only had a small collection, garnered from Dad's early days copying tapes he rented to the later method of movie acquistition, recording them off HBO when they had Free Weekends. So here is a short list of my favorite movies to watch on crappy VHS.
5) Grease- To this day I know almost every word of this movie.
4) Superman- One of the greatest super-hero films ever.
3) Pete's Dragon- Love, love, love this movie.
2) Raiders of the Lost Ark- The only one we had on tape. But it's the best one, so that's okay. I used to cover my eyes during some of the grosser parts.
1) The Star Wars Trilogy- Count as one entry because I'd usually watch them all back to back. Empire and Star Wars were on one tape that had a band-aid on it.