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Another Short One

It's late, I am tired and I very nearly forgot to update at all. Looking forward to MagFest next weekend. Three whole days of video game goodness. Anyhoo, I was thinking about Star Trek today (because I love it, even though much of nerd-dom has abandoned it). And I decided to list my favorite five movies starring Star Trek people. That aren't Star Trek movies. And don't star people from the new Star Trek film because that would be a much much longer list.
5- Kingdom of the Spiders (starring William Shatner aka Captain Kirk)- Ewww spiders.
4- Dune (starring Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard)- Sting, flying fat dudes and bad-ass German Jurgen Prochnow.
3- Stand By Me (starring Wil Wheaton aka Wesley Crusher)- The quintessential Stephen King 50's memorabilia movie
2- Back To School (starring Terry Farrell aka Jadzia Dax as girl love interest whose name eludes me)- Rodney Dangerfield, the jerky blonde guy from Karate Kid and the tough fat guy from Rocky.
1- Pet Semetary (starring Denise Crosby aka Tasha Yar)- because that kid is SCARY. And Fred Gwynn is awesome.