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The Age Old Question

Today I tackle the oldest of nerd conundrums. Kirk vs. Picard.
Old school Star Trek purists say Kirk, mainly because he came first but also because of his brash, intuition-geared style of command. He breaks the rules and gets results. And seduces green women along the way.
New schoolers say Picard because he's a more dignified character. He gets results by being the best he can be and by being a better human being than his opponents. And being British.
My personal take (outside of thinking that Ben Sisko is awesome) is that Picard is the better captain. Though he would eventually develop the willingness to break the rules and steal the Enterprise (as Kirk did before him), it's Picard you want in the thick of things. Kirk is the more likely to be attacked for personal reasons (like pissing off the whole Klingon Empire). Picard will be attacked because he is the only thing standing between Earth and total destruction. He's the man. And certainly the guy you want on your side if Q ever makes you defend your whole species in court.