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The Dark Tower

I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower. It's great characters, it's epic scope, the way it ties in with many of King's other works. So amidst the rumors of a Dark Tower TV project I thought I would present my take on who should play the characters…
Roland of Gilead- Hugh Jackman (used to be Clint Eastwood but he has gotten too old, I think Jackman has that same quality, the proof lies in 'The Prestige')
Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker- Viveca A. Fox
Walter- Alan Rickman
Eddie Dean- Dane Cook (I know many people don't like the guy but I think he could actually pull it off)
Father Donald Callahan- James Cromwell (hell, he already played the character in the Salem's Lot miniseries)
Marten/Randall Flagg- Jamey Sheridan (I think it would be wicked to get the same guy who played Flagg in the miniseries The Stand)
Ted Brautigan- Anthony Hopkins (again, he already played the character)
Sheemy Ruiz- Crispin Glover
The Crimson King- Ian McKellan
Stephen King- Himself
Calvin Tower- Phillip Seymour Hoffman
The list goes on but these are the main characters I think.
for Jake I'd say we need an unknown kid as all the good kid actors are grown up