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The Star Spangled Avenger

Just saw the first official photograph of Chris Evans as Captain America and it looks pretty cool. It really evokes the costume design from The Ultimates series. It's dirty, it almost matches the comic and it looks like some guys in WWII could have made it. So yeah, I buy it. Throw in the authentic whitebread haircut and Evans REALLY evokes Cap for me.
And then there's Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull. The Red Skull is one of the nastiest and scariest looking comic villains ever and Hugo Weaving (already soaking in the geek cred from his parts in the Matrix and Lord of the Rings movies) is just the guy to play him. I love Hugo Weaving. He's my second favorite Hugo (after Hugo Reyes on Lost).
Throw in the presence of the Cosmic Cube and The Invaders (rumored anyway) and this could outdo Dark Knight and the Iron Movies as the best made superhero movie ever. It's almost enough to make me forget The Green Lantern movie. Almost.