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So I am going to see Thor on Friday and I can't wait. It's getting great advance reviews. I figured it would. Kenneth Branagh is a very talented director and actor and Marvel scoring him to bring Thor to the screen was a MAJOR coup. In many ways the saga of the Gods of Asgard is similar to the Shakespearean material Branagh has spent so much of his career on. I mean, at it's heart it is the story of a headstrong prince being taught humility by his father while being plotted against by his conniving half-brother. They are bringing Thor to Earth for part of this film, which makes sense as they are bringing Thor into the Avengers movie currently in the works. This is great because it gives us Natalie Portman, who is great. Not to mention Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, the SHIELD agent from the Iron Man movies.
I cannot wait!