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Touching Base

Today's comic had me thinking about the awesome and sometimes odd bases that superheroes have.
Superman, for example, has the Fortress of Solitude. His ultra-protected crystalline home away from home at the North Pole. But before that(in the old days before the Crisis On Infinite Earths re-wrote DC Comics history) he had a mountain fortress north of Metropolis. It was a mansion built into the side of a mountain with a big Superman logo on the outside. Not exactly hidden. Here are some other weird ones.
– The Arrowcave- A rip-off of the Batcave that belonged to Green Arrow. He had an Arrowplane and an Arrowmobile. Before he went his own way and became a character that wasn't just a ripoff of Batman.
– The X-Factor Townhouse- In the days when X-Factor was a government sponsored mutant superteam, they operated out of a townhouse belonging to team member Strong Guy (yeah, Strong Guy). See? Not even superheroes with the full weight of the US Government behind them can afford more than a townhouse in Washington DC.
– The Infinite Avengers Mansion- The Avengers have spent the majority of their career operating out of the Avengers Mansion, a mansion formerly belonging to Iron Man that he donated for the team's use. But when they weren't briefly operating out of a tower or an artificial island, they operated out of the Infinite Avengers Mansion, a sub-dimension of near infinite size that not only contained all the stuff a modern superteam needs, but endless giant photos of the team for when they are feeling vain.