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Worst Comic Book Movies

Today my mind wandered to the proposed sequel to 'Batman and Robin' that was in the works until 'B&R' tanked and killed the Bat-franchise for eight years. It was to be called 'Batman Triumphant' and feature Harley Quinn (the Joker's daughter in this one) and The Scarecrow. Madonna was actually rumored to be up for the part of Harley, a fact that on it's own makes me glad this movie was never made.
It also got me thinking about the worst comic movies ever. Which are:
– Batman and Robin- The tag team of Joel Schumacher and George Clooney destroyed the franchise with this steaming pile of Bat-turd. The only thing I liked was that Uma Thurman was kind of hot as Poison Ivy.
– Superman IV: The Quest For Peace- The end of the Christopher Reeve films. It was essentially Superman vs. nuclear weapons (and a generic villain named Nuclear Man). It was just awful.
– Captain America- A bad made-for-DVD movie featuring an Italian Red Skull and a Captain America with rubber ears.
– Nick Fury: Agent of Shield- That's right. The most badass super-spy of all time as played by David Hasslehoff!
– Generation X- A made for TV adaptation of the Marvel comic. It took two of my favorite characters (Jubilee and Emma Frost) and made them extremely uninteresting. Not even the presence of the usually great Matt Frewer could save this one.