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TV is making me grumpy lately. First of all they finally premiered Young Justice. I had it DVR'd only to find out that it's a repeat of the Young Justice preview they showed at Thanksgiving. Which means its a two-parter. Which means no new episode for three weeks. Additionally, Chuck isn't new this week like I thought it was. On the plus side, I am looking forward to The Cape. Although I don't see the logic in replacing Heroes with another superhero show. And I miss Heroes. People say it wasn't as good as the first season but it was still a good show. And I liked tuning into Hiro, Sylar and Claire (and Claire's bi-curious roommate) every week. There ARE, however, two shows that I know are in the works that I am really looking forward to.
Star Wars- There is a live action Star Wars show in the works sometime in the future. Which should rock if somebody other than George Lucas runs it.
Powers- An adaptation of one of the great ongoing comic series out there. About two cops (one a former hero) who investigate crimes involving super-heroes and villains. I'd love to see who is cast in this. Though, with George Carlin dead, Triphammer will never be as a well-cast as he could have been.