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I love Adult Swim (Cartoon Network after 9pm). They bring me reruns of several shows I like (King of the Hill, Family Guy etc), play the occasional cancelled animated gem (Baby Blues, Mission Hill) and put on some of the best original programming available (Venture Brothers, Boondocks). But they sure do put out some stinkers. Here are five things they did that I hated.
5- Squidbillies. Just not funny. The concept seemed good but the unattractive art style and lame jokes make me hate it.
4- 12 Oz Mouse. Same as Squidbillies. I think it's SUPPOSED to look cheap but I still hate it.
3- Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job- A lot of people like this show but I don't find it very funny. It seems they are being weird just to be weird. And to make me uncomfortable.
2- Frisky Dingo- I liked the look of the show but I kept waiting for them to start doing something good with it.
1- Xavier, Renegade Angel- Not funny. And looks like it was created by a blind, one-handed orangutan with epileptic fits.
And Five Things I miss from Adult Swim:
5. Sealab 2020- The show that brought me into the Adult Swim fold.
4. Futurama – It's on Comedy Central now (with new episodes) but I miss it being on EVERY NIGHT.
3. Space Ghost Coast To Coast- Really the one that started it all.
2. Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law- Brings a tear to my eye when I think I will never see a new episode.
1. Saul of the Mole Men- Would have been #5 on the list if not for the awesome theme song.
Live Action- I'd also like to give Adult Swim kudos for brining live action to the traditionally animated programming. I think live action shows Delocated and Children's Hospital are great.