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Another list. It's what I'm good at.
My top 5 favorite vampires in fiction and film.
5) Genevieve Dieudonna- The French vampire from Kim Newman's novels (Anno Dracula etc). She helps bring down Prince Dracula, nurses her aging boyfriend and later befriends Phillip Marlowe. She's a detective, a nurse and a kickass vampire warrior. Awesomeness. I always imagined she'd be played by Nicole Kidman in a movie but I've since reconsidered and decided on Scarlett Johansen.
4) Lestat- The best of Anne Rice's pantheon of overly erotic vampire characters. He's funny, mischievous and sometimes a real dick. Nobody does the foppish homoerotic vampire better than Lestat.
3) Sonja Blue- The star of a series of books by Nancy Collins (starting with Sunglasses At Night). She's a real cool character and I see a LOT of her in Selene (Kate Beckinsale's character in the Underworld films). I imagine Beckinsale would do a great job playing her too.
2) Spike- A Sex Pistols loving bad boy with a secret love of the Bloomin' Onion. He started out as a right bastard but through his love of Buffy became a decent guy (for a soulless killer) and later gained his soul back. I think he'd rank number two on my list of all time favorite TV characters too (but thats a list for another day).
1) Dracula- The grand-daddy of them all. The brooding Transylvanian count has been adapted from book to screen more times than maybe any other character. I personally prefer the Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman portrayals, though he has been played by other screen luminaries like John Carradine, Leslie Nielsen, Frank Langella and Lon Chaney.