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Today I'm going to do a brief rant about why Worf (of Star Trek fame) is awesome.
The guy kicks ass. He has a batleth. He teaches Klingon/Romulan hybrids to hunt (and to love). He says really chauvinistic things but when called on it grumbles in a way that means 'I guess you're right' thus winning the heart of whatever the woman said to him. He was the chief of Security on the Enterprise AND Operations office of Deep Space Nine (and sometime captain of the Defiant). He was the first Klingon in Starfleet and also the first to join Starfleet, quit and become Klingon ambassador. He made Deanna Troi dig him (even for just a little while) as well as marrying Jadzia Dax (until she got killed). Which means he put his mad Klingon love moves on a Trill AND Betazoid in addition to Klingon chicks like K'ehylar (probably misspelled that). He's got Jean-Luc Picard as his lawyer (sort of). He used a severed Borg hand and it's tube as a tourniquet. He's a dad to a Klingon kid that looks suspiciously like the little boy from 'Family Ties'. He kills guys (okay, fake guys) on the holodeck to stay in shape. He rocks the Klingon pony tail. He killed Duras for killing his girlfriend and besmirching the name of his father. He was adopted by Paul Sorvino.
Real men listen to Klingon opera. Worf FTW!