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We Have Liftoff

And it all starts with a vomiting clown.
Welcome to the very first day of Spunky Brew, a brand spanking new twice-weekly webcomic in the 'gag a day' format. I decided to use this format for a few reasons. The first reason was my love for one panel gag-a-day comics like The Far Side, Omake Theater and Hello With Cheese. The second was my inability to draw two things that look alike. My former webcomic Bored and Evil (which you probably haven't read if you aren't in my family) was a story comic with a group of continuing characters. I found a way around drawing them repeatedly but I found that eventually I got sick of writing them too. Thus, Spunky Brew. Spunky Brew will be about things that interest me. Geeky things in other words. While I recognize that this isn't an entirely unique approach to making people laugh, it's likely to be the one that works best for me.
Interestingly enough, my first dip into the world of webcomics came when Steve Napierski (of Dueling Analogs fame) and I put together a couple strips about the Rocky Horror cast we were both in at one time and titled it Life With Fishnets. My first comic made several people laugh and several people angry, both sensations that I savored at the time. And though it's been a while since I've done a comic, working on Spunky Brew has helped me rekindle the feeling I used to get when I had a great idea for comic. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.