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The Walking Dead

On the advice of a good friend I decided to blog weekdays, even when I don't have a new webcomic. Maybe he thinks people will come back and read what I write. Or maybe he thinks I need the written therapy. Either way, I've come to trust his advice, so here goes.
I was wondering what to write about and like a bolt of lightning from heaven came a brief advertisement on AMC (where I was watching the pretty terrible Wild Wild West movie) for the Walking Dead, the new TV series based on the brilliant comic book series by Robert Kirkman (who also created the great Invincible comic series). I'm excited because it's on AMC (home of Mad Men and Breaking Bad), I'm excited because it's got zombies (on TV for once) and I'm even excited because it has Laurie Holden in it. That's right, I'm excited because the lady who played Marita Corrivubias on The X-Files is in it. I am geek, hear me roar. I do wonder how much gore will be allowed on TV, even cable TV, but I'm sure it will be fine based on advanced photos from the set that I have seen. Besides, The Walking Dead is as much (if not more) about the human characters as about the zombie apocalypse that has become my favorite movie setting since Dawn of the Dead blew my mind so many years ago.
A success for The Walking Dead could mean more great comics adapted for series. Maybe Preacher (promised but never delivered for years)? Maybe The Sandman? Who knows?
Tune back in tomorrow for another blog (short as they are, I like to get right to the point) and a brand new comic! Thanks to all of those who have read so far and make sure to spread the word.