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Zack Vs. Superman

So Zack Snyder is going to be directing the new Superman movie.
This is bound to be a controversial choice. Snyder has often been the target of overzealous fanboys who dislike that his adaptations of their favorite properties doesn't always jibe with what is in their heads. I haven't seen the new one about the owls but I've personally enjoyed the guy's work. His Dawn of the Dead was fun (using Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around" for the opening was so brilliant it made me forget that I hate zombies that run), 300 was decent and no matter what purists say I loved Watchmen. Was it 100% faithful to the source material? No. Could it have been? Of course not. The source material is SO iconic, SO layered and SO detailed that it would have been impossible to do it perfect justice. Jackie Earl Haley WAS Rorschach. And that's enough for me. Even if I would have liked to see a chubby Kevin Costner as Captain Metropolis. I LOVE the trailer for Snyder's forthcoming Sucker Punch. I mean it's like a cosplay pillow fight with robots! What's not to like?
So how will his take on Superman go? We will see. Christopher Nolan is producing it which is a good sign. But I take issue with the choice of Zod for the villain. Terrance Stamp DEFINED Zod in Superman II. Not to mention that they've done Zod recently on Smallville. Why not take some of the great villains in Superman's past and finally give them their shot at the big screen? Why not Steve Buscemi as a creepy Toyman? Why not a psychotic Bizarro? I'd even go for Metallo. But they need BRAINIAC! Brainiac is second only to Lex Luthor as Superman's greatest enemy. And think of all the great actors they could get to play him!