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The Movie

I'd like to talk a bit about the Dick Tracy movie. The one that bombed. You know, Al Pacino as Big Boy Caprice, Warren Beatty as Tracy and Madonna as Breathless Mahoney. Some say it was a bad movie but I thought the visual style and the good performances from Pacino and Dustin Hoffmans as Mumbles lifted it to at least the level of a guilty pleasure. It's not as bad as Battlefield Earth or Super Mario Brothers: The Movie (two movies my roommate likes). And it's worth noting that it was released in the heydey of Madonna's vogue phase. I was a pre-teen and had a thing for Madonna then. So sue me.


I don't know what to write about. I got an Evo and I love it. It's exactly awesome.

Things I Love To Do

Things I Love To Do:
– Read comics on the john
– Make up songs celebrating the (mostly) imaginary homosexuality of my roommate
– Play Uno on X-Box Live
– Fantasize about moving to another city
– Sing cheesy 80's songs to myself (For example, I'm singing 'The Final Countdown' as I type this)


Okay, so Mt.Rushmore was a really good idea. Take four great presidents and put their faces on the side of a mountain. I keep thinking they should make one for nerds. Here are the four faces of Mt. Dorkmore:
Spock- Mentioned in the blurb attached to the comic today.
Darth Vader- Need I say more?
Batman- The comic version. Not the George Clooney version.
Indiana Jones- And they could put a theme restaurant inside his nose. Neat huh?


There's been a big hoopla over Charlie Sheen lately. Because apparently he's crazy and thinks he's a winner warlock with tiger's blood or something. I'm just going on the record as saying I'm way sick of hearing about him. Unless I'm watching Hot Shots or Hot Shots Part Deux on TV, I don't want to hear about him. Seriously. I have spoken.