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Think of Me

Today at work I had the Ipod on shuffle and 'Think of Me' from Phantom of the Opera came up. And something struck me as strange. Christine is singing a song that is a part of the opera she is in. And then Raoul starts singing about recognizing her as the girl he knew when he was young. But he sings along to the tune of the song SHE is singing. I might be the only one but that strikes me as odd. Very odd. That would be like going to the movie theater to see Grease, waiting until the song 'Sandy' comes on and then singing a song about how good the popcorn is to the tune of 'Sandy'.

This Year

Just thinking about how many movies coming out this year I want to see: Thor, Harry Potter, Captain America, Rise of the Apes, Paul, Green Lantern, Suckerpunch, Pirates of the Caribbean and many, many, more…

Desert Island

My top 5,all time,desert island CD's (assuming that the island had electricity and a CD player). Not counting greatest hits albums, because that takes away from the concept of identifying albums you think are really good.
– R.E.M.- "Automatic For The People"- It was my favorite album the day I first heard it and it remains so to this day.
– Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson- "Rattlin' Bones"- While I would settle on any Kasey Chambers album for the desert island, I'd have to pick this one as my favorite.
– The Beatles- "Abbey Road"- Again, my favorite album by a band with tons of great albums.
– Veruca Salt- "Eight Arms To Hold You"- The band broke up and it was sad. But this album stands as a monument to their work. Like all the albums on this list, there isn't a single song I this album that I don't like.
– The Black Crowes- "Southern Harmony and Musical Companion"- A good band and their absolute best work.

Chuck Idea

The new episode of Chuck had me thinking. Chuck and Morgan were interviewing new Intersect candidates and asked one of them who the greatest graphic novel creator was. So here are my top answers.
1) Alan Moore- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Watchmen, V For Vendetta
2) Grant Morrison- The Invisibles, X-Men, Final Crisis
3) Brian K. Vaughn- Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina
4) Robert Kirkman- The Walking Dead, Invincible
5) Garth Ennis- Preacher, The Boys, Jennifer Blood, The Authority, The Punisher

Grand Moffat

I recently watched the mini-episodes of Doctor Who "Time" and "Space" which were that show's yearly contribution to the 'Red Nose' charity special. Clocking in at just under ten minutes total, these episodes are perfect proof of just how much of a genius writer/show runner Stephen Moffat is. It had everything you want from a Doctor Who episode, a witty Doctor, mind twisting space/time paradoxes and, of course, the uber-sexy Amy Pond. Loved it.