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A short list before i go read. The top 5 most unusual teams in comics.
– Captain Carrot and The Zoo Crew- Anthropomorphic animal superheroes
– The Inferior Five-Just that. Five super-heroes who suck.
– The Great Lakes Avengers- An unofficial branch of the Mighty Avengers based in Milwaukee and including an overweight model, a flat guy, a girl dinosaur and a human door.
– The Justice League Antarctica- A team of former villains whose most powerful member may G'Nort, the dog Green Lantern
– The T Force- That's right. Kid gymnasts who follow around Mr. T

Watching The Detectives

This is another list. And quite frankly it was created as an excuse to use the title 'Watching The Detectives'. So… my top 5 favorite movie detectives (both police detectives and private detectives).
5) Harry Callahan- Dirty Harry. The man who pioneered excessive force.
4) John Shaft- I like the Sam Jackson Shaft but this is the original. Nothing beats the original.
3) Martin Riggs- A half-loony Three Stooges fan. Man, I LOVE the Lethal Weapon movies.
2) Dick Tracy- I love the man in the yellow coat but you have to love a detective who doesn't have to actually DETECT, just look for guys with crazy nicknames and facial deformities.
1) John McClaine- The original Die Hard action hero. Barefoot across broken glass. Enough said.


One of my absolute favorite all-time comic book series is the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It's about a group that comes together under the British government and it includes Mina Harker (of Dracula), Captain Nemo, Alan Quatermain (of King's Solomon's Mines), Dr Jekyll/Mister Hyde and the Invisible Man. They eventually face Martians, Professor Moriarty, Fu Manchu and many others. They made a movie (which SUCKED). I always felt that Alan Moore could have included a couple of other characters. The series has run the gamut as far as time frames. So the opportunities for new characters abound. Such as:
– Susan Pevensie (of the Narnia books). The last Narnia book leaves her out and says that she was "no longer a friend of Narnia". That would have been great to expand on.
– Dorothy Gale (of the Oz books)
– Victor Frankenstein. Sure, he died in the book but his survival could have been easily explained.
– The Count of Monte Cristo
– Tarzan
– Some 30's Pulp Heroes (The Shadow, The Spider, The Avenger, The Green Hornet etc)

Your Ipod Is Not Following You

I won't go into excruciating detail here but I have been really cheesed off lately at the people who claim that Apple is spying on them because the IPhone can track where you are. Okay, it's a phone. And a smartphone at that. How do you think it can tell you where the nearest Chili's is? How do you think it knows what the weather is where you are? The phone gets your bearing in order to make these things work. So get over it. Or turn off those options. If you think that Apple is going to track you down or that they are going to tell police where you are then I have two statements for you:
1) You are stupid.
2) If you are doing something so bad that you don't want somebody to find you doing it, then you shouldn't be doing it.


I am about to watch one of my favorite shows in a minute (Big Bang Theory) so I thought I would make a list of my all time favorite spin-offs. Even though BBT is not a spin-off. This list doesn't include shows that were started as continuations of other shows (ie Star Trek The Next Generation) or remake shows (Battlestar Galactica)
5. The Facts Of Life- Spun off from Different Strokes. This show spun George Clooney off into an acting career. So if you think about it, we have Gary Coleman to thank for George Clooney's douchebaggery.
4. Angel- Spun off from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It took a little time to find it's own voice but eventually became just as good as Buffy. In my opinion.
3. The Jeffersons- Spun off from All In The Family. My love of this show comes from my love of Sherman Helmsley. The guy just makes me laugh. I also loved him in Amen.
2. Family Matters- Spun off from Perfect Strangers (many people don't know this). Yes it gave birth to Steve Urkel but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some good wholesome family fun. And Carl Winslow was the man.
1. Torchwood- Spun off from Doctor Who. A show that took a great character but went a whole different way with it. Love it.