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Almost Shows

Today I list a couple of shows that were almost made that I really wanted to see.
-Star Trek: Excelsior- The title is my guess but there was serious speculation years ago of a TV show focusing on Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior.
– Faith- A Buffy spinoff that never happened. It was rumored to feature Faith on the road slaying vampires with Robin Wood.
– Heroes: Origins- The show was to feature new superheroes in single episodes but was cancelled due to the writer' strike. Kevin Smith had even been hired to write one.

Hey HBO!

With True Blood (based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books) and A Game of Thrones (based on the same named series) both doing so well on HBO, I wanted to suggest three more book series that I think would make incredible TV series.
– The Wheel of Time- Hundreds of characters, a great story and 14 1000-plus page books worth of material to draw from.
– Anno-Dracula- A series in which vampires have become common in the world. The series is full of characters from other sources as well as fascinating original ones. The first book covers the time of Jack The Ripper, the second covers World War I and the third covers 1950's Italy.
– Sonja Blue- A vampire series that began with the novel Sunglasses After Dark that features a young lady turned into a vampire and her awesome (and often violent) exploits.

Avengers Assemble

With Captain America (the movie) leading to an Avengers movie that will team Nick Fury, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye and the Black Widow all in one film, I got to thinking about other Avengers I would like to see in an Avengers movie.
– Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- A brother and sister mutant team (and offspring of Magneto to boot, if Marvel wants to tie the movies together). He runs real fast and she does chaos magic stuff.
– Giant Man and The Wasp- A married couple. He can grow super tall (or shrink depending on if he is Ant Man at the time) and she can shrink AND fly.
– The Vision- An android created to destroy the Avengers. He can fly, shoot solar beams from his head and phase through solid objects.
– She-Hulk- A big green sexy lawyer.

The DCNu that should Be

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the DC Universe is being rebooted later this year with all of their comics starting over at #1. Some titles are being cancelled while other new ones are being introduced (like a Justice League International book and a new take on Hawkman). Here are a few underused DC properties that could use the reboot treatment or just flat out get their own title.
– The All-Star Squadron- A WWII era superteam that not only included the heavy hitters of the Justice Society but odd little-known characters like The Red Bee and The Red Torpedo.
– Stargirl- She had a run on the Stars and STRIPE title and came to prominence in the JSA book but the newest bearer of the Cosmic Rod and Gravity Belt should get her own book. Perhaps one focusing on teenaged superhero hijink (and co-starring her best friend Cyclone).
– Shazam- The character of Captain Marvel (and all of his ancillary characters) are dying for a seminal ground-breaking work all their own. It's time to bring in top notch writers and artists to bring life to Captain Marvel, Black Adam and the whole crazy Fawcett Comics crew.


In light of a lot of things going on at once (getting ready to move, working two jobs, having an ear infection etc) I will be taking this week off from Spunky Brew and bringing it back next week with brand new comics and blogs!