A lot of times comics are created for individuals or companies. Since these strips aren't part of the normal comic, we decided to collect those strips here.

Charlotte Comicon
On November 13, 2004, Bored and Evil was a guest at Charlotte Comicon in Charlotte, North Carolina. In honor of the event, Bored and Evil created a 12 page mini-comic for the event. The original book is out of circulation, but these are the pages that comprised it.

Charlotte ComicCon Special

On the website, there used to be a random 404 Error comic that appeared whenever a page was not found. That error page as since been replaced, but here it is for those who may have never seen it before.

404 Error Comic Strip

In the comic that ran on March 18, 2005, Joe puts the comic that he submitted to Erik Larsen on his refrigerator. It is way to small to read in the comic, so we uploaded it online for the very first time.

Joe's Comic

Canned Ham
This is the guest strip that we created for Canned Ham. Originally it was set coincide with Phil Oliveira's guest strip (which you can see here) on December 31st, 2004. Since Canned Ham is no longer an active webcomic I placed the image on the Bored and Evil site so that it has a permanent link.

Bored and Evil's: Canned Ham Guest Strip

The Good Little Robot
For the official launch fof Hyena Comics (https://hyenacomics.decafdesign.com/), they decided that each artist would do a guest strip for another artist. Bored & Evil had a guest strip done by Paul Tye, of The Amoeba, which you can see here and we did a guest strip for Ryan Reid, of The Good Little Robot, and you can view that strip via the link below.

Bored and Evil's: The Good Little Robot Guest Strip

PVP Online
A lot of times, when webcomic creators go to conventions they have guest artists fill in for their regular strips. Well Scott Kurtz, of PVP, requested guest strips for when he was at the San Diego Comic Con in 2004. Bored and Evil submitted a guest strip, but unfortunately it wasn't one of the comics used.

Rather than throw it away, we thought we would display it here for your viewing pleasure.

Bored and Evil's: PVP Submission

ORF ON Comics
ORF ON Comics is a division of ORF. What is ORF? To the best of my knowledge, ORF is an Austrian Network of television, radio and internet news sites. And since they were kind enough to place a link to Bored & Evil on the comic homepage of their website (https://comics.orf.at) we felt they deserved their own special comic.

German Version | English Version