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AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Icons

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Live Journal Icons

If you are on Windows click the right mouse button. If you are on Macintosh,hold down the control key and the mouse button.
Choose Save Image as...(or similar statement to save image) from the menu and supply a namein the dialog box that appears.

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Bored & Evil Desktop

This desktop contains all of the characters that appeared in Bored & Evilin 2004. Seems a little is.

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Banners to Link to Bored & Evil

Same instructions as the Live Journal Icons above. Just make sure that you link to

Bored and Evil Online Comic 4688 x 60
Bored and Evil Online Comic 4688 x 60
Bored and Evil Online Comic 256 x 41Bored and Evil Online Comic 88 x 31