Bored & Evil comic for June 25, 2004

"Another Friday"

Another Friday and the end of another comic arc. I'm working on some good stuff for future weeks, so stay tuned.

Just a few more days until Spiderman 2 and the geek in me is doing cartwheels. I'm expecting it to better than the first one and I'm sort of hoping Sam Raimi can find a good plot reason for Mary Jane to be out in the rain again like in the first one.

'Swamp Thing' and the new Dark Horse 'Conan' series continue to rock.

Getting super frustrated by the commercial for Michael Moore's new movie. For someone who claims to get no press they sure run that commercial alot. It shows President Bush on the golf course saying something about 'stopping these terrorist killers' and then they cut to'now watch this drive' as he swings his golf club, I guess implying that he didn't really care about the terror situation as much as his golf game. Except that he was being interviewed ON THE GOLF COURSE! Did you expect him to talk about the War on Terror and then go cry behind the tree? He was on a golf course!!!

On the plus side, going to see Dodgeball today. And I'm itching to see Will Ferrell's new one 'Anchorman' next week.