Bored & Evil comic for July 7, 2004

"Not a lot"

Not a lot to say this time but I want to urge people to go see 'Anchorman' on Friday. It really looks funny. Not only does it have supergenius Will Ferrell and the ultra hot Christina Applegate in it, it also Steve Carell from 'The Daily Show' and some of the good SNL people Chris Parnell and David Koechner (the accident prone guy from Run Ronnie Run).

Other than that, keep reading the comic and make sure to check back on Friday for the thrilling conclusion of the LARP arc!

By the way, today is one month to the day since Bored and Evil launched. Thanks to all the readers who have been checking us out and thanks to our forum posters and to the other webcomic creators who have been supporting us. And if you are reading this, you still haven't told enough of your friends about us! So get cracking!