Bored & Evil comic for September 3, 2004

"Warm Out Today... Even Warmer Yesterday..."

Today ends what has to be my most disgusting arc. It makes me laugh but it's still pretty gross.

Saw Hero recently. Pretty decent movie I thought, the cinematography was amazing and Zhang Ziyi was, as always, incredibly beautiful. I love that woman so much.

Just under three weeks until Dark Tower 7! Woo hoo!

My webmaster says these posts need to be longer but I really only have so many things to talk about.

Oh well, here goes. Some geeks from Ain't It Cool News have made a bet that Jim Caviezel (aka Jesus) will be playing Superman in the forthcoming film. I think this would a bad idea. I love Caviezel (see Passion of the Christ and Count Of Monte Cristo for why) but he just isn't wholesome and beefy enough to play Superman. I long ago suggested Bruce Campbell but he's too old if they are going to do a Year One kind of thing. I'm not entirely adverse to Tom Welling from Smallville if they want to go that route, but not without Michael Rosenbaum as Luthor. Whoever they get should be able to not only pull of the mighty Superman but geek Clark Kent as well. And I want a hot Lois. And no polar bears.