Bored & Evil comic for November 3, 2004

"Post-Election Day"

Finally, the election is over. Even if the TV won't say it is, it is. I was getting sick of hearing about it.

This month will be good for DVDs with the Director's Cut of Daredevil (you know, the cut that makes it good instead of mediocre), new and better DVD editions of Gone With The Wind and Dr. Strangelove, a 4-disc Looney Tunes collection, Shrek 2 (it made me laugh so hard I spit up a little), the best season of the original Star Trek, a complete Monty Python's Flying Circus set that includes live DVDs, a Dazed and Confused/Fast Times at Ridgemont High 2-pack with new special features, Ju-On (the Japanese original that inspired The Grudge), Aqua Teen Volume 3, Buffy Season 7 (a great season overall), the really funny Elf, a new and better edition of The Iron Giant (the movie that made Amanda weep over the fate of a giant piece of scrapiron), Harry Potter 3 (considered by many to be the best of the movies so far), an awesome Ray Harryhausen collection and the super-cool Hero.

Also out now is the massive multiplayer online game World of Warcraft, the first massive online game available for Mac. Pick it up.

Also, if there are any players of Magic The Gathering Online out there, here's a great place to pick up your singles. It's my brother's site and he's a very fair dealer as well as a cool guy and a world championship ballroom dancer (ok, I made up the last part)