Bored & Evil comic for November 10, 2004


Sorry about the lack of update on Monday, I started a new job and I've been out of sorts.

On the plus side, the Bored and Evil team (me and my webmaster/tracer, plus my roommate and the tracer's wife) are heading to Charlotte this weekend for the Charlotte ComicCon. Take a trip. See us. We made a new print-only edition of the comic that will be available there.

Check out the new Entertainment Weekly it has interesting new pictures of Jennifer Garner as Elektra and the cast of Fantastic Four in costume.

The life of a webcomic creator is bizarre. Last night I had a dream that I was one of the original Three Stooges and I got pretty sad when Moe died so I went to live with Joey Tribiani and his sister and I had psychic powers and I was trying to keep a crazy homeless guy and his bunch of kids from stabbing us. Weird stuff man.

Also, check out The Incredibles.