Bored & Evil comic for November 22, 2004


I didn't anticipate how much naked Jake would freak me out. Scary stuff.

I saw 'Seed of Chucky'. Now I'm not saying it was Oscar worthy or anything but I liked it. It was fun. Billy Boyd as the voice of Glen/Glenda. The gross opening titles. The gore. Jennifer Tilly's breasts. All that added up to one fun time at the movies.

The WWE is starting up a 24 wrestling channel which I doubt we will get around here. It's going to show stuff from the old AWA, classic WWE stuff as well as WCW and ECW stuff (since McMahon owns all the old footage and stuff). It'd be nice to see some of that stuff.

A couple of promising looking movies are coming out soon. Jet Li and Bob Hoskins are in 'Unleashed' and Ethan Hawke, Brian Dennehy, Laurence Fishburn, John Lenguizamo, Drea DeMatteo and Gabriel Byrne are in 'Assault on Precinct 13'. Both are from the company that put out 'Seed of Chucky', Rogue Pictures. Also December brings us Blade Trinity (which actually looks decent), Alexander and the Phantom of the Opera. Now if we can just get people to shut the hell up in the theaters and watch the movies, we'd be great. So next time somebody starts talking during the movie, TURN AROUND AND SMACK THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM AND THEIR KIDS!