Bored & Evil comic for December 1, 2004

"The Season"

So it's December now, which is great because I love the winter season and the lights and the TV specials and all that stuff. There will be a holiday comic for Bored and Evil, most likely guest written by my tracer Steve Napierski.

Also, since it's Christmas, my readers may feel free to send me online gift certificates through the contact page. :) That means you Herlihy!

For the time of year, the movies are pretty meager. Incredibles was awesome and Seed of Chucky was fun but other than that there hasn't been a lot to get excited about (unless you count the Hindenburg-esque Polar Express situation which causes my tracer severe amounts of delight). Hopefully Phantom of the Opera and Blade Trinity will be good.

Well folks, today is your lucky day. Those of you that were unable to attend the Charlotte Comicon, but wanted to receive a copy of the Comic Special...your day is now.

You can now order a copy of the Bored and Evil Charlotte ComicCon Special online for only two dollars. Two dollars! Come on people give some love back.

You may be asking why should I buy the Charlotte Comic Con Special? Good question. One answer is to help stroke the egos of the people who put it together. A better answer is to read twelve pages of exclusive extended format comics created specifically for the comic. On top of that, these comics will never be available to view on the website. Don't forget the appearance of characters that have yet to or may never appear on the actual website. Characters like World's Best Guy, Hindu Harry and The Westside Whalers.

Aren't those reasons enough? So get started and go buy the Bored and Evil Charlotte ComicCon Special!