Bored & Evil comic for December 20, 2004

"The Delay"

Sorry about the delay in posting. Got a Gamecube as a Christmas present (many kudos on that to my tracer and his wife and my roommate). Yesterday Mario Kart Double Dash banished thoughts of a news post from my mind. Sorry.

The big rumor amongst geeks is that Joss Whedon (mastermind behind the brilliant Buffy and Angel shows) and director of the forthcoming Firefly movie 'Serenity' may be writing and directing 'Wonder Woman' in her big screen debut. He can do it. He's an awesome writer with experience in the 'butt kicking hot babe' department and his recent work on 'Astonishing X-Men' proves that the man writes comics like nobody's business.

My two biggest choices for the lead are former Whedon girl Charisma Carpenter (better known as Cordelia on Angel) and Monica Bellucci (better known as the hot chick in white in the Matrix sequels). Already I need a drool cloth...