Bored & Evil comic for January 5, 2005


Sorry about the no-updating but work has been a colossal pain in the butt lately (not bad, just busy).

So, we actually decided to put backgrounds in the comics to boost the visual appeal. I like it and on Friday the interior of the house will be shown.

Alias is off to a good start with the formation of a good version of SD6 called APO. The idea that Marshall, Sydney, Jack, Dixon and Vaughn are all working for Sloane again after all their sordid history is a great plot development and the addition of Sydney's sister is a good one.

Saw the new Phantom movie. The Phantom himself is the least impressive singer of the three leads but I still greatly enjoyed the movie. The songs were good (of course), especially Masquerade, the costumes were excellent (particularly the Masque of the Red Death costume) and I LOVED the pan away shot of the Phantom in the snow after 'All I Ask Of You'.

That is all.