Bored & Evil comic for January 14, 2005

"Friday the 14th"

Today is Friday the 14th which isn't scary but it's pretty close with the wind blowing up gangbusters the way it is. The comic was pretty good this week, or at least my dad's glad that I haven't mentioned the family in it lately. Next week features the debut of yet another new character and the 24th marks the 100th Bored and Evil comic which we will celebrate with the death of a supporting character. If it goes well, I just may kill off somebody every 100 comics or so.

Alias rocked the Casbah on Wednesday. The season is really good so far and they continue to make Jack a badass threat (despite his being mainly a good guy) by having him lie to Nadia about who killed Nadia and Sydney's mother (he did). And now Weiss is in on the APO thing which is good. He's my second favorite character after Marshall.