Bored & Evil comic for January 21, 2005

"All The News That's Fit To Mumble"

So we've put out some feelers to a couple of conventions, we had a lot of fun at the Charlotte Comic Con last year and we'd like to get out there more and spread the gospel of Bored and Evil to the masses. Speaking of which, if you click on the Store button you can still order your own copy of the Comic Con Special Edition comic (featuring comics not available anywhere else). These are some of my favorites that I have written and they feature Joe and Holly's date, the guys going comic shopping and the first (and thus far only) appearances of both World's Best Guy and Hindu Harry and the Westside Whalers.

If any of our readers have any ideas as to which cons we should try and attend please feel free to either email us or post it in the forums.

On another note, I'd just like to say happy belated birthday to my brother in law Chris (present is on the way, pal) and congratulations to my baby niece Emma on getting through her surgery with flying colors.

I have a lot of readers here in VA, mainly people I already knew who have been converted to readers but I also have several across the country and even in other countries. What I ask is this: first post in the forums and tell us about yourself and then spread the word to all your friends about our comic.

Apple Computers should create a shrine at which I can worship. Finally an affordable version of the iPod! Woo hoo!