Bored & Evil comic for January 28, 2005

"Coffin Filler"

So not only does Tophat have an X-Box colored house but an X-Box colored coffin. I bet he was buried in a Master Chief costume.

My roommate had me thinking about how would do the voices if Bored and Evil were animated. He said he thinks of Goonie as having the voice of Jimmy 'JJ' Walker. I agree. I would add my inker Steve as the voice of Joe (in his Peekaboo voice), the guy who played Slater in Dazed in Confused for Goad, Jason Lee talking through a metal can for Jake and Alan Rickman as the voice of Jesus. Anybody else have any ideas on this? Post them in the forum and I will later add a list of voice actors for the supporting cast. Because I am bored and stupid.

I just want to stress how much of a joy this comic has been for me and how much I appreciate all the readers who make Bored and Evil and thrice weekly part of their routine. If I could, I would stand outside each of your windows with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel songs. Instead I will have a cheeseburger and take a nap.