Bored & Evil comic for August 12, 2005

"Buy Sell"

Bored and Evil is proud to announce that we have opened a CafePress store! Currently available are Bored And Evil logo messenger bags, trucker hats and bumper stickers and a Camp Blood button. Order and we will bring more items out for sale! If you have any merchandise suggestions, be sure to post them in the forums! Notice that when I'm selling stuff I use a lot of exclamation points! So the top movie this weekend was Four Brothers. Singleton is a talented director and I want to see this, it's sort of an urban retelling of the John Wayne movie The Sons of Katie Elder. I have my dad to thank for my love of John Wayne movies. The Duke rules. Especially in The Searchers.
Be sure to check out The Outer Circle today to see Peekaboo as a jock in an after school special! Here's hoping this special arc lasts a few more days.
Amanda is feeling better, so that's good. Secretly we were all hoping she would be in good shape to make her Angela face at Horrorfind this upcoming weekend. It ranks right up there with Steve's freaky smile face.
October 1st is the official start date for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (or TNA) on Spike TV. Finally, some televised competition for the WWE.
Well, off to do stuff.