Bored & Evil comic for October 28, 2005

"Posting Finally"

Yes, I know I was only posting about four times a month there for awhile, as I just didn't feel that I had anything interesting to say.
One cool thing, mentioned in the news at The Outer Circle today, is the looming release of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS. I have long been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise and, as such, see this as being incredibly awesome. Now, if they'd just do a new version of my favorite Final Fantasy game (VI) then I could die happy. But probably a lot?ne. With nobody at my funeral.
Happy Halloween to all the horror obsessed ghouls who read my comic. I hope you go out and scare the Don Knotts out of some folks tonight. There will be some great costumes out there tonight. My roommate has a decent Willy Wonka costume, Amanda is going as Girl In Pajamas, my adorable niece Emma is going as a Care Bear and Steve is going as Guy Who Hates Halloween. I love Halloween, but as my day will be filled with normal boring Monday night stuff, I don't have a costume. Though later on I may go as Guy Scratching Himself and Watching TV.