Bored & Evil comic for November 4, 2005


For the first part of my news I'd like to reiterate the WTF that Steve brought up over at his site today about Adult Swim. Adult Swim used to be a great mixture of genius-level original new shows and out of circulation older shows. But now Squidbillies and 12 Oz Mouse. These shows are the worst crap I have ever seen. At least with Boondocks I can admire the animation even if I'm not a huge fan of the writing. But seriously, these shows look like they were put together by autistic kids who had been huffing paint thinner.
It's been a good week for reading. I just finished both 'Wicked' and 'Dead Travel Fast' which were both excellent and finished Volume 1 of a manga I picked up called 'Bleach' which is surprisingly cool. Also, I started reading 'The Colorado Kid' by Stephen King.
And the wait is finally over. After damn near a year or so of being stuck on one mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I passed it and I am now breezing through the missions like Winona Ryder through a KMart. Woot for me.