Bored & Evil comic for November 23, 2005

"A Small Vacation"

A small Friday morning post from the Outer Banks where I am enjoying a small vacation. Very small. First of all, a big batch of condolences to all those who have to work retail today and go toe to toe with all the angry and moronic shoppers. Special condolences to Richard and Amanda because I know them.
Being the holiday weekend, I know that this weekend is going to be thirteen shades of Hell at the movie theater where I work. Little kids running around screaming and dropping their popcorn all over. Old people demanding refunds on movies they didn't like. Nine hundred pound ladies with eleventy kids complaining about every little detail like the theater owes her just like she thinks the government does. I may have to go on a smacking spree.
The plus side is that I get to go see Rent on Sunday with my friends, which should be good.
As for the comic, you can expect more bad things to happen to Joe and the rest of the cast as I plan on gearing away from the simplistic 'Joe is Stupid' storylines to more horror-themed ones. So if you have any horror characters or archetypes or anything you would like to see be sure and send them in or post them in the forums.