Bored & Evil comic for December 14, 2005

"Imagine That! An Update!"

Yes I know that I never post. I usually have nothing interesting to say.
But check out the newest Dueling Analogs . It's funny and it's about a great game that I cannot wait to get when I get my DS. Animal Crossing Uber Alles!
Go to Neltark and Willie and send Richard Kirsch some harassing emails. This guy takes lazy to Olympic levels. One comic a week and he can't do it. Some people do a daily comic PLUS a twice weekly color comic AND have time to have a wife and a job (points at Steve).
I have officially reached the point (now that I have finished most of my Christmas shopping) that I am starting to want to know what I got for Christmas. And if any of my readers are attractive females or know some send some pictures! Tis the season, bitches!
Speaking of the season, some people seem be donning now even gayer apparel than usual. Am I the only one who noticed this?
I saw Narnia and it was good. Very close to the source material for the most part. And it's like I always say, never underestimate the cuteness of British kids with funny teeth. That girl who played Lucy was cute as hell (or as my co-worker put it 'ass ugly'). She was so good she made Dakota Fanning look like an extra from Fraggle Rock by comparison. And I think that they got her real sister to play her as the older Queen Lucy. Neat.