Bored & Evil comic for January 11, 2006


Okay, so posting once a month doesn't count as 'extra'. Bah.
I wanted to another comic today about how Jake hate's Friday the 13ths. But I couldn't quite squeeze it in to the current 'giant monsters' arc, so I passed. I am enjoying the giants arc so I plan to extend it a week into next week.
Word on the street is that they may make new episodes of Futurama. This pleases me to no end, that show rocks.
Neltark and Willie. No new strips since the Christmas one. You would be amazed at the array of excuses this guy can offer for not doing his strip or for not cleaning his part of the house, for that matter. He'd rather sit on his ass and masturbate to old Cathy Dennis videos.
Don't you wish you had your own Wakka Ball ? I do.
If you absolutely must go to the movies this week, go see Munich, Hostel, King Kong or Harry Potter. The rest is mostly crap. And do NOT go see Bloodrayne unless you want to be arrested for standing up and urinating on the screen.
March 20th will be a day for DS gamers. A touch controlled wi-fi ready Tetris hits the dual screens that day. I wonder if I can make the Kremlin launch...