Bored & Evil comic for February 24, 2006

"News! After All This Time!"

So, I'm writing.
This week's arc sprang from the mind of co-writer Corey Smith. At least the idea did, so I came up with the first one on my own while he's out playing Thomas Edison dress up and ignoring his IMs.
Super Congrats go to Steve of the Outer Circle (my friend and former collaborator on this comic) who had a guest strip run on PVP today. Go there to check it out.
Also, Super Congrats to my roommate Richard who got so scared by sounds on Resident Evil 4 last night that he screamed, turned around and dropped his control (thus causing him to die and have to start that part of the game again). Here's your cake.
A much belated congratulations to my brave little niece Emma on her successful surgery on Valentine's Day. This little trooper has so much courage she makes Captain America look like Captain Crunch.