Bored & Evil comic for March 8, 2006

"A Few Things"

First of all, head over to The Outer Circle for the first guest strip celebrating the strip's one year anniversary. Steve 'Hardest Working Man In Webcomics' Napierski has put up new Outer Circle strips in addition to the guest strips, so it's like Doublemint Gum without the twins.
Also, Richard 'I've Installed Illustrator In My Girlfriend's Butt' Kirsch has finally, after three months, begun chapter two of Neltark and Willie.
Finally, my brethren (who I never talk to, due to me being lazier than the janitor at a school for narcoleptics) at Hyena Comics are now accepting submissions for new members to the group. Head here to find out how to submit your webcomic for consideration.