Bored & Evil comic for December 11, 2006

"Hello There!"

Hey there folks! It's a news update! And boy have we got some news for you. As you may or may not have seen, 'Bored and Evil' is under new management. Yes, Robert is taking an extended sabbatical and in the meantime I will be writing and putting together 'Bored and Evil.' And just who am I you ask? Well if you are a regular reader of the outer circle you may know me as the not gay character, Richard. And chances are (however slim) that you may have even come across my own little webcomic, 'Neltark and Willie'. So stick around, see what I have to offer. If you like what you see, go tell your friends all about 'Bored and Evil'. If you don't like what you see... still tell all your friends about 'Bored and Evil.' Afterall, why should we both be disappointed?