Bored & Evil comic for January 15, 2007


Well I found out today I'm gonna have a nephew. He's due June 21st and my birthday is June 25th. I keep joking about how cool it would be for him to be born on my birthday, which is very possible. When my sister had her first child I kept joking how she would go into labor while I was at a gig and I was gonna have to show up in full clown (yes I am a professional) regalia. And that is exactly what happened, so who knows?

And speaking of gigs... This weekend the Virginia Symphony is having a concert featuring the music of John Williams. I got a call on Monday from my agency that the Symphony was gonna need me once again (first time they did this I was Han Solo). Only this time they want Darth Vader. Only problem is I don't have a Vader costume, just an old (easily twenty, maybe twenty-five year old) Vader mask. So I have tomorrow and Friday afternoon to make a passible (to non-geeks) Vader costume. Sadly this means I won't be able to get the comic I want to have on Friday done, but there will be a new comic up (featuring a clown :op). So have fun, and if you are in the area, stop on by Chrysler Hall to see the concert!