Bored & Evil comic for February 28, 2007


Sorry about the late update. I had the comic almost done last night and Illustrator crashed on me. And did I have any of my work saved? NoooOOOooo. Figured I'd learn by now. Now today's comic was always supposed to be aa break from the story arc. Originally I was gonna have some PeTA people protesting outside the circus (which is in my town this week) and Nickelback the clown was gonna be out there with them with a sign that had said 'Hitler was a vegetarian too....' Oddly enough, it was ten years ago today I ran away with Ringling Bros. Just for the one year. As for today's comic... I was watching 'Rent' again. I saw it in the theater and just did not like the movie. I don't see why I should care about any one of those characters. Seriously. I think I may also be jaded because I knew a lot of people like that from back in my 'Rocky Horror' days and I didn't like them either...

So we'll resume our arc on Monday and if you haven't had a chance to yet, please donate to the St. Baldrick's day organization (link in previous post). I'm helping to raise money for kids' cancer research and every little bit helps. Also I want to thank Steve for helping me out for the past couple of weeks. My connection to web is down so he's been uploading the comic. Thanks, Steve. So until next time, have fun!