Bored & Evil comic for April 30, 2007

"Buy some swag..."

My best friend, Steve, of Dueling Analogs has a new shirt for sale which you can buy HERE. For those of you who just want to go to GameStop and buy a game without being hassled about having to reserve something, this is the shirt for you. Now I understand they have to ask and all that (I used to work for FuncoLand back in the day (read about that at here). But what we are objecting to is that when we say no, we mean NO. I remember one time I was in kind of a hurry, I was trying to buy a movie at Suncoast (big mistake there, but they were the only ones who had it). The clerk asked if I was a Reply member. I said no and I wasn't interested. She went on to ask if I'd like to sign up and I told her no, I hardly buy movies from Suncoast and I'm in a hurry. SHe wouldn't give up and started with saying what 'benefits' I could garner. I then had to tell her (in a rather loud voice I might add) that I was in a 'f*****g hurry and I just want to pay for my f******g movie!' Now I don't swear at people. I am the epitome of 'Mr. Nice Guy.' But stuff like that irks me. So go buy the shirt and then go to GameStop and buy some games.