Bored & Evil comic for May 9, 2007

"Talk about embarrassing..."

Wow, just wow. I went to the grocery store with Steve tonight (he doesn't like to grocery shop by himself...) and we were talking about our upcoming comics. Well tonight I found out I had inadvertently copied one of his comics. Not that they are similar in theme but it's the same exact joke. Here's Steve's comic and here's mine. See what I mean? Now obviously I did not intentionally mean to copy his comic. First of all he's my best friend. Second of all he's 6' 5' and looks like Thor (seriously he really looks just like that...). Third... he knows where I live and where I sleep. In trying to play catch-up with my archives (I'm a day behind) I wanted to put something together quickly and easily. Peekaboo was in the next room playing Uno on the Xbox and I remembered Steve telling me he had overheard two guys talking about this very thing. So I thought there we go, and I put the comic together. I can't tell you how embarrassed I am, and coming form a guy who gets paid to make a fool of himself I don't embarrass easily. I goofed and I want to apologize publicly to my buddy Steve and hopefully this won't happen again.