Bored & Evil comic for May 14, 2007

"Third time's no charm..."

First off, if you haven't seen Spider-man 3 yet and wish too, read no further...

Now you may gather form this comic that I did not like Spider-man 3. Well you'd be right. It had the potential to be another great movie, even better than the second. Sandman could've been another great, sympathetic villain (like Doc Ock), however he's just a glorified cameo with not much to do. In fact, that's the main problem. All the supporting characters where basically cameos! They tried to cram two movies into one. It suffered from the same problem as all the Batman films from 1992-1997, too many villains. One villain per outing please. I also felt that it was a great travesty to take such a beautiful redhead and make her a blonde. Really there should be a law against that. Anyway, just my two cents.