Bored & Evil comic for January 28, 2008

"Beware CBS..."

What is CBS (not referring to the American network)? CBS is an acronym for Cloverfield Barfing Syndrome. People are getting motion sickness from watching 'Cloverfield.' It seems to be so widespread that some theaters are actually putting up signs warning people about this. I too suffered from it. Same thing happened when Steve and I saw 'The Blair Witch Project' all those years ago. If Paranormal Activity finds a distributor I will definitely be taking my Dramamine.

Speaking of 'Cloverfield...' 'Cloverfield' is exactly what the 1998 'Godzilla' movie should have been. Carnage galore. I mean, 'Cloverfield' just totally rapes 'Godzilla' anally. Seriously, Dean Devlin's and Roland Emmerich's asses should just be leaking blood because of the pounding they took. And I liked 'Godzilla'. Have fun...