Bored & Evil comic for June 11, 2008

"Back and Refreshed...."

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, 'Bored and Evil' is back! Work and personal stuff just kept getting in the way, but I'm back on track.
Some of you may know that I also run The Who-Philes. And since I was kinda pimpin' BnE over at Who-Philes, I figured I'd also pimp Who-Philes here. Speaking of Who, I seem to be getting favorable responses to today's comic. One in particular was the Martha Jones Online Community, a fansite for the Doctor's previous companion, Martha Jones. They had some nice stuff to say about my art for Martha and some funny stuff to say about the Doctor's hair. In reality though, the artwork for the Doctor is just a modified Ricky while Martha is a modified Holly. I was going to go with current companion, Donna Noble, but given my time constraints I cheaped out :op As for the TARDIS, I had created that piece of artwork for a t-shirt design that says, 'Trust Me, I'm The Doctor' (That you can purchase from