Bored & Evil comic for June 30, 2008

"Life is Life..."

Okay, Laibach is one of those Eastern European, experimental, industrial bands. Honestly, not my kind of music. I prefer to listen to Enya and stuff like that. Anyway, I accidentally came across them on Youtube when I saw their cover for Across The Universe by The Beatles. Sounded like the kind of music I was into, so I clicked a link to another video which was Life Is Life (WARNING: Boobies in the video...). I don't know if it's art or total crap, but I couldn't get it out of my head. So I've downloaded quite a few videos form Youtube to listen to on our trip to Connecticon at the beginning of August! I will be there along with Steve Napierski of Dueling Analogs and 'Bored and Evil' creator, Robert Koch. So c'mon out and see us!

Oh, and here's a video by Laibach which is a cover of probably one of the greatest songs ever made. Enjoy!